Received July 10, 2020 customer feedback

Hi Pat,


“I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your DGA-2+RAM amplifier.  I could not be happier that I chose your amp to anchor my new 2 channel music system.  I have enjoyed my Vandersteen 2Ce’s for 25 years and am thrilled I moved into the world of high efficiency full range drivers and your phenomenal 2A3 SET amp.  The clarity, transparency, soundstage, and bass is just fantastic – and I am only at the beginning of my new system build.  I also purchased the Lii Audio Crystal-10 full range drivers and have built prototype TQWT cabinets for them designed by Leon Huijgen.  Despite having a mid-fi digital front end (Chromecast Audio run off battery and an Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC) things are sounding fantastic.  I will have to wait to hear how things sound once I upgrade my front end to an Innous music server and perhaps a Denafrips Terminator DAC – I am sure your amplifier will allow me to hear all the music those components uncover and present to me.  I just cannot wait to get a top flight digital (and analog) front end for your amp…  It is almost midnight right now and I am not going to sleep for at least a few more hours as I am enjoying the music too much to quit.  The downside of having a fantastic new amp and speakers!!!  My next efforts will be focusing back on my open baffle design as I love how open baffles sound – but again it will take more money and time to get where I want to go….”


Best wishes and continued success on your world class amplifiers and other projects you have in the works.  Thank you for the pleasure and enjoyment your amp is providing me as I relax and enjoy my music.


PS – The DGA-2+RAM powers my inefficient Vandys (86 db 1w/1m) to mid 80’s dbs at my listening seat in my living room – who says you can’t play loud with 4 watts of power!


A most sincere thank-you goes out to Ken H

World of Whammerdyne “WoW”  “Always True to the Music”