This is us! a few of us (4) Whammer dudes over at our good audio friends place for a fun listening session with his amps and system and our Whammer amps. “Ron” was our host he is well known in the audio world you might know the name “Marigo Audio Labs” Ron is one smart engineering fellow, product developer and gifted golden ear and an industry guru. Our sessions started with his amplification and several various music selections we all agreed would be a good cross section of genres. Cabling is all Ron’s doing and proprietary much of it using special “Litz” wire configurations. Speakers were Tekton “Encore’s” about 96 dB efficient. (I loved them, for the price these are great speakers!)

After about an hour of listening to Ron’s system to get fully acclimated. We switched out first to the “Baby” Whammer our DGA-1 model its the entry level at $ 2950.00

Lets just say when we played the first cut within seconds everyone’s heads turned and the look of sheer amazement and shock took place. The sound was incredible, astonishing. The comments were this is the best sound I have ever heard it was as if we struck the Holy Grail of audio. It truly was one of those moments audiophiles rarely experience. So we played all our selected songs and nothing changed for the entire session, just pure music it was totally jaw dropping. So next I removed the Baby amp and installed the Monster, that’s our top of the line DLM4+RAM for Damn Little Monster + Remote Advanced Magnetic’s.( $ 10,500 ) The lights went down and the play button was pressed. Holy crap said one of the guys. OMG!, we all nearly fell out of our chairs. The experience was again absolutely stunning another level of pure audio nirvana. One comment was this sound betters anything I have ever heard anywhere and that includes all the audio shows I have attended. And at a price point far below those mega-buck systems, this system just killed them all
and all pure low power tubes.

Here is a comment from Ron the Zen master himself:

“The Whammerdyne Damn Good Amp was gorgeous sounding in my system. This is truly amazing performance for a modest priced amp– of any type. I’ve never honestly heard any amp in this price region before in my life sound anywhere near as good. This amp is not euphonic, not warm and fuzzy, but has great tonal density, dynamics, bandwidth and bass slam. Never experienced this with a low pow SET before at any cost.
Then we put the new Damn Little Monster + RAM amp in the system. Very much the same fabulous performance as the Damn Good Amp. It’s just that every performance aspect went up a level. Refinement, tonal density, dynamics, and amazing palpability and realism. I want this amp!!! Ron Hedrich”

Best regards,
Ron Hedrich

Marigo Audio Lab


Its’ the Whammer Way
“The Finest Sounding 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth