International Bound

We have a custom build Whammerdyne Truth 2A3 SE amplifier bound for Singapore. This unit is custom fitted with top of the line WBT "Next Gen" input connectors as well as speaker terminals, the front panel volume controls have been removed and this is now the inputs to the amplifier. The mains power transformer has [...]

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That’s Special

Not one but Two offerings at Whamm World. I'm offering up a recent trade in Whammerdyne DAA3+RAM regularly $ 7900.00 and yours for the awesome price of $ 6500.00 it's in mint condition and comes with a new set of tubes. (This was a customer that just purchased our flagship the DLM-4 + RAM I [...]

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Tardy posts better than no posts !

It's been so busy here at Whamm Labs that I finally got around to posting up. Pictured is a DGA-1 that is running on our new ac power voltage and frequency converter. This allows me to fully test burn in under the actual international country's voltages and frequencies. Note this Whamm DGA-1 under full operational [...]

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Mo’ Money

News and Prices. Sadly I just received notifications from several of my suppliers that prices have increased, shipping has jumped to. The fortunate side is I have a good inventory that will allow me to fill several more builds over the next month or so. But here it comes as prices increase again. I keep [...]

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2019 (CAS) California Audio Show in the books

I will gather my thoughts and photo files up soon and offer up a more detailed report. In short we NAILED IT. Credits to Audio Beatnik publications for such nice comments about or "humble" room Best show yet, a blast. Scroll down to the bottom of the link page to see our room and [...]

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