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It’s Official

The last Truth model to ever be built will be delivered tomorrow. Its a sad and happy time for head hammer. But its going to a great home and being paired with Avantgarde horn speakers (106 dB efficient) The Truth model has now ended its 10 year run and is a legacy product. It has [...]

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A Time to rest

If you are on the fence about ordering your new Whamm amplifier get your orders going soon I will be taking the month of December off (My family and vacation time) I will be back at builds in January but will be limiting production and only build two models a month. That's about right for [...]

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“Speak” from the mountain top

And so it progresses, Working with a brilliant speaker full range driver developer. We endeavor to break the mold when it comes to full range driver development. This is a prototype 10 inch full range field coil driver installed in my Pure Audio Project Quintet 15's. We are just using the 10 inch driver for [...]

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“A Happy Ending”

Its final !.... The last Truth flagship amplifier build is now underway. Please welcome David V to the Whamm family. He will have one amazing incredible amplifier coming in the next few months. I will post build and progress photos as I go. Welcome David to the family of the finest 2A3 SET amplifiers on [...]

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Fun with “Firebottles”

Progress! The "Stealth" SE amplifier project design is moving right along. This is over at my friends lab yesterday. We were proving out the output stage design and DC current feedback regulated filament supply for the GM70 tube. This is a very special design of supply it keeps constant current across the filament and is [...]

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DAM + RAM at WoW

DAM! its a RAM WoW (World of Whammerdyne) does it again. Dual mono-bloc's with optional RAM output transformers. This model is insane. A recent listening session here at Whamm Labs had listeners totally spell bound and jaws on the floor. Insane bass control driving no less than (8) 15 inch woofers. The comments came fast [...]

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Whamm “WoW’s”

Received July 10, 2020 customer feedback Hi Pat,   "I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your DGA-2+RAM amplifier.  I could not be happier that I chose your amp to anchor my new 2 channel music system.  I have enjoyed my Vandersteen 2Ce's for 25 years and am thrilled I moved [...]

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“Size Matters”

"Stealth" this is my code name for a rock'n all stops pulled out 22 watt class A zero feedback fully DC coupled and all regulated power supplies "King Monster" SE amplifier. Pictured is one of the output custom made transformers for me by Monolith Magnetic's. (Look at the size of it!) massive inductance at low [...]

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