Yes, folks this will be  a big annoucment. In the mean time here are a few projects we are working on

Offering up “commissioned” special builds of the incredible “Relentless” GM70 Triode SE amplifier mono-blocks 33 watts all class A , all regulated power supplies as well fully DC coupled no capacitors in the signal path. Price per pair depending on type of finish selected $ 65,000 to $ 70,000

Next special commissioned builds will be mono-blocks parallel push-pull 2A3 Class A amplifiers (50 watts per mono-block) these will exclusively use the JJ brand 2A3-40 output tubes. estimated price per pair $ 70,000


Sad news our Circuit Salad hybrids are now all sold out next possible build of ten units will be October 2024


That’s it for now from “Head Whammer”

Enjoy the holidays