Yes, WoW (World of Whammerdyne) we are in the expansion build out of our shop/lab facility. I’m doubling our space this will allow me to have a full assembly area and burn in test room as a separate ‘Clean” room from the main lab space. This expansion will enable us to have the space needed for multiple amplifier builds at the same time all while doing QC and burn in at the same time. Build capacity will go to 2 units a month or 24/25 per year that is the maximum I wish to build as I do not wish to add any employees. You just cant get the attention to detail with employees I demand every amp to be perfect and that only happens if I do all the work myself. So rest assured quality is job one!

You might feel our amplifiers are somewhat pricey in comparison to foreign built products. But I will only build the best using the best components and processes available in the world and that comes at a price. I will not compromise and be a sell out like the others

It’s the Whammer way


“Always True to the Music”