Sell my last “Truth” amplifier (my personal one) its in almost mint condition with custom mirror finish paint and has all the options. Monolith Nano-Crystalline output transformers, stepped autoformer attunators by Dave Slagle, updated tweaks to the circuit topology and a new pair of Emission labs 2A3’s and an NOS 6922, Amperex Bugle Boy. This if you look at the specifications page is/was the very best in the Whammerdyne family. It should retail for over $ 15,000 its yours for $ 10,000 plus shipping and packing. Sorry continental USA shipping only.


A new edition of the Baby Whammer is going to be released soon its named the DGA-1 Ultra and will have some very special teaks to the circuit , a change in cosmetics and have the latest in a new design of Monolith output transformers. I’m only going to build three of these and that’s it. So get your deposit reservation in now. Retail price is $ 5995.00 plus packing and shipping. Yes folks the specification will be unreal for a direct coupled single ended 2A3 amplifier. USA shippingrom only and only 120 volt / 60 Hz operation

That’s it for now from Head Whammer



Well folks lots of changes and happenings here just a few notes I will post to keep it from being boring

We are offering the Circuit Salad Hybrid on Audio mart now and including free shipping in the continental USA  (get your orders in as we have only 8 left in this years production run) they are ready to ship now

The DGA-1 Ultra model is progressing great and will be sporting the famous Monolith output transformers as well a few other tweaks. Its so good that I’m just considering no longer offering the DGA-1 base model (its just so much better, but of course comes at a price increase and will be $ 5995)

We will be showing the CC Hybrid and the DGA-1 Ultra at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle Washington end of July this year (our room will be a show stopper with the pairings we will offer along with Ken of Songer Audio with his new (Open baffle and ported box Filed Coil 10 inch drivers)

The DAM-2 + Rams will be the only other offering we have kept in the line up. I will be discontinuing the DAA-3 and the DAA-3 + RAM models by end of summer

Its become to costly to have all the parts in inventory for the various models we had. I mean really expensive and parts shortages abound.

Our line up will be perfect for many types of users. And I guarantee our products outperform others that cost much much more. Don’t be fooled by reviewers that take ad money from the big manufacturers its all so non transparent. Big ad money begets stellar reviews when products are are not what they are claimed to be. And as well from us you get real value, best components,most thorough designs, you don’t pay for the bloated markups from distributors and dealers. Trust me on this one I have been in audio over 50 years

“Always True to the Music”  that’s the Whammerdyne Way