This Friday we received some very welcome and exciting news. Positive Feedback Magazine presented us with a nice award. The editor himself, Dr. David Robinson (Editor N’ Chief) notified us we have been recognized as his favorite room at the recent Pacific Audio Fest audio show in Seattle Washington. I have linked the page(s) for your reading pleasure.

We are very humbled by this exciting news PF mag is a standout in the audio community world wide and very well respected by tens of thousands of audiophiles

Our room and the show event was so much fun and to be recognized for the best of the best. I do not have words. Its been well over a decade Whammerdyne has been producing the finest 2A3 and Hybrid amplifiers on planet earth and with our partnering with Songer Audio loudspeakers was pure audio bliss. Thank you David


Cheers, Head Whammer

link to PF Magazine:

Link to Songer Audio: