So much going on here at the Lab/shop. This week work continues on the new Whammerdyne “Ultra” DGA-1 (Damn Good Amplifier) Fun fact! did you know Whammerdyne has been producing amplifiers for over 10 years? yup its true. We have products in over 8 countries and with all of our products performing to 100% satisfaction with all users. Failure wise we have had only 2 units that developed issues one self induced by the end user. The other a simple component failure. The nay sayers in the electronics industry have attacked us for stating you can’t produce a reliable fully DC coupled tube amplifier, well what do they have to say now. Shame on their narrow-minded thinking.

The new “Ultra” model will now incorporate some of our first circuit topology upgrades ever. That’s how well designed our amplifiers have been needing no upgrades. This new Ultra series will be evolutionary in the topology. One is use of sight revisions in our DC coupled Z-direct design allowing for even better bandwidth and reducing phase shift a bit more to nearly zero in the pass band. The second is the use of newly designed output transformers by the famous and best transformer company Monolith Magnetics in Belgium, custom made for us. Oh, and a bit of cosmetic changes to reflect the models.

As of this July we now are discontinuing our base model DGA-1 in favor of only offering the DGA-1 “Ultra” and dropping the DAA-3 and DAA-3 + RAM along with the DLM-4 +RAM models. The new line up will be the DGA-1 Ultra, DAM-2 + RAM mono blocks (several RAM options will be added) and the Circuit Salad Hybrid (the worlds best DC coupled Hybrid at 60 watts a channel)

I’m working on updating the web pages soon to reflect the changes. Making these changes will streamline our ability to build products more efficiently and allow us to have much faster lead times in builds in fact with the Ultra model we will have a few built and ready for shipping at all times.

Now another update with Classic Tube Audio, I will continue to service and restore McIntosh Tube gear and Marantz Tube gear through the end of this year and next year will limit to only McIntosh tube gear. I only have so much time in a week and with Whammedyne getting so busy I must limit any service bench time. I refuse to hire anyone to help as that compromises any quality and I will not do that my customers deserve my full attention.

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone, Honor the greatest county on earth. Be proud and stand tall as an AMERICAN

 Head Whammer


“Always True To The Music”