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An incredible deal from Whammerdyne. I have one only (1) of my original pre-production Whammerdyne model DGA-1. This unit is 100% in perfect operating condition. Over the years I have sent it out for loan/demo purposes to many as well I have used it at several audio shows over the years.

It will come with NOS test output tubes 2A3’s ($ 400.00 value) as well a section matched 6DJ8 Amperex BB NOS test (value $ 100.00) It has a few minor dings in one area of the top face plate (oooops) on my part in dropping something on it a few years back. Circuit wise its fully up to my new issue amplifiers. It will come with a full owner’s manual and certificate of performance stating all power, noise, frequency response and other validations of the measured specifications.   It does have the optional wider bandwidth output transformers installed ($ 400.00) value. Retail price of this package is ( $ 5700.00)   Its yours now for $ 2900.00 FIRM you can read all the details on this model at my website www.whammerdyne.com


Sorry no trades, no demo trials (in home my place demo options possibly available), no shipping (however if you are serious and out of the area I might box and ship but that would be additional) This is a one time offer and not returnable. Its as I have said, 100% in perfect operating condition.


(I will sign off this with my personal build signature as well it will have Prototype serial number pp01)


This model has been very highly acclaimed by both show goers, customers as well as reviews

Sorry no PayPal, No Credit Cards, bank certified check only or wire transfer, cash