An illuminated cloud bank still obscures the absolute Truth. But even the audiophile driven to perfection must stop and rest on this relentless quest. But the mind clothed with the gossamer wings of desire will only let down a little. Resting he becomes aware of two objects, like sentinels, pointing the route to the Ultimate Truth. Here in the realm of the mountain goat is revealed the RAM. Onto them the sun shines through with purity. This is sonic daybreak, showing the Truth of the landscape and the two remote transformers. These outboard transformers expand the sweeping horizons of sonic purity expressed by the DLM4+RAM for all who would approach. These heralds of a new golden age are steadfast sentinels on our way to the realm of the Olympus of Truth.  Sonic purity awaits one in hearing the call of the best 2A3 amplifiers on planet earth.