So our pilgrim moves up to the peak of the mountain. Here he encounters the pinnacle of perfection. Vast sonic vistas spread out in every direction. The eagle, whose visual clarity brings into focus all that surrounds him, is a worthy companion for the Ultimate Truth. From the lowest note on the of the lake’s motion to the whistle of wind that soars beyond hearing, the Truth is the holographic master of this entire realm. Without subtraction, without addition, the Truth presents all to the ears of those who have traveled this far to achieve perfection. With sonic nirvana permeating every cell of his body, our pilgrim delights in the best the world has to offer. If it is the thunder of the 1812 Overture or the sparkle of the notes from a harp string, every minute aural fiber is presented in its full glory. The Truth is here... come and experience it.+  Ultimate Truth. The BEST 2A3 amplifier on planet earth