We have had a flood of inquires after the recent Pacific Audio Fest hi-end audio show this last weekend. many were of a nature that felt alarming to us so I felt it necessary to clear the air so too speak.

Whammerdyne is not going anywhere we are not narrowing our offerings due to any internal company issues. We are as strong as ever and will continue to be on the cutting edge for the future. See my reasoning below for why we are thinning the heard.



The reason we have discontinued the DAA3, DAA3 +RAM and DLM-4 models was do to several factors. Specialty connectors and other internal parts as well meters have become extinct. It has become nearly impossible to source these quality parts and options of any quality do not exist. Rest assured however we have applied the technology in these models to our two most popular models now. The DGA-1 Ultra and the DAM-2 Mono-blocks. Both models will have optional remote RAM output transformer options. Just that they will not have the dual stacked chassis and front panel meters as well the stepped auto-former volume controls we will be offering an outboard accessory chassis option if a person wishes the best in volume controls. Performance wise these two models now offered meet and exceed the performance of the DAA3 and DAA3 + RAM as well the DLM-4 models. The highly acclaimed “original TRUTH” amplifier is performance wise the same as the DLM-2 mono-blocks with the RAM 1 option. This in the long run does several things for us. We can purchase larger quantities of materials and parts as these builds share many of the parts in common, saving us time in manufacturing and you the end user money and never compromise the famous Whamm sound !

Sincerely, Head Whammer