Recent feedback from a listening session at Songer Audio and Whammerdyne’s listening showroom

 “Hearing the combination of Songer Audio loudspeakers and Whammerdyne amplification was a transformative experience.  When you hear a combination like this, it is hard to describe exactly what you are hearing, if only because it sounds so natural, so effortless, that the only way to describe it comes down to the typical audio cliches.  I’ll try not to use any here, but merely say that the S2 open baffles, with Whammerdyne’s amplification, is my favorite.  It has an effortless authority that presents music in a way that allows you to be in the recording space, providing detail that is not hyped or etched in any way, even with healthy volume levels and some borderline “hot” recordings.

     The S1’s with the same amplification provided a slightly different presentation.  One that puts the musicians more “in the room” than the S2.  Bass has real punch and extension where a subwoofer is not needed.  They present music from a more forward perspective.  Listeners will prefer either the S1 or S2 based on this presentation, but you can know that you give up nothing in choosing one speaker over another.

     It’s also worth noting Whammerdyne’s contribution to this sound as well.  I never felt the amps were straining in any way, and the noise level was undetectable.  I would consider this combination a true partnership, and I’m not sure I would look at any other amplification if I were considering Songer Audio loudspeakers.  Indeed, if I had any speaker north of 92 db sensitivity, I would recommend an audition of any of the Whammerdyne amps.

     And finally, a note about craftsmanship.  When you are considering equipment of this caliber, know that what you get here are pieces of artwork created by artists.  This is not some mega corporation with endless R&D budgets and massive manufacturing scale.  You are buying objects that have been crafted by individuals who create every piece by hand, and put their own heart and soul into them, in the same way a painting, sculpture, or handmade piece of furniture is done.  The only reason I wish they were some big corporation, is so that they could offer me financing, so I can take a pair of Whammerdyne amps and Songer Audio S2’s home.”

Cheers guys and thanks again.  Let’s stay in touch.




We love to have feedback like this. If you are ever in the Portland, Oregon area or plan on being here you can set up a listening session by contacting us either through the website or Songer Audio’s webpage. Ken has a form to fill out to reserve days and times

We are so grateful to have Drew experience our hand  crafted products

Fun fact did you know Whammerdyne is on its 11th year in production