Two very nice comments from recent guest visits at our Whammerdyne/Songer listening room

“Drew, I should have gone first, hard to follow up those comments but spot on too. It took me some time to put my thoughts together from the experience yesterday. Thanks again Pat for opening your home and Ken for making the trip and both for sharing your art with us. Thanks, Drew, for facilitating and bringing me in.

Every audiophile can recall a moment where they had an audio epiphany. Maybe it was hearing your first sub-30hz bass note, or the texture and tone hearing your first tube amp, or the first system you heard that gave you goose bumps. Whatever it is we all can recall that system, that song, that experience that grabs us, imprints in us to what is possible, and becomes the “North Star” in our audio journey. If we’re fortunate, some of us fulfill that journey only to somewhere have another audio epiphany, a new “North Star” and another journey. I love my current setup. I’m already using single driver, crossover-less speakers with tube amplification but being able to spend a couple of hours listening to Songer Audio’s S1 and S2 speakers driven by Whammerdyne amplification gave me a new “North Star.” The sound I heard is everything I like in my system but taken to a higher level, a much higher level.

Our session started with the S2 open baffle speakers. The immediate impression I had was that of completely natural, full scale dynamics with detail that was the most revealing I’ve heard without any harshness or glare whatsoever. The impact and decay of the drums was so transparent it was more real than real to me. Vocals had more inflection and purity than anything I’ve experienced. The words that come to mind most were natural, free, dynamic, real.

We switched to the closed cabinet of the S1 and the difference in presentation was clear. The S1 matched the S2 in terms of dynamic range, clarity and detail. The big differences are transients tended to have more pop and leading definition. Midrange had more energy and was more forward in presentation. Drums and strings held a slightly more natural decay in the S2 but had more impact and jump in the S1 — both clearly functions of their open baffle and ported cabinet forms. Which is better? That’s up to the individual. I’m not going to pick a

favorite, it’s too difficult and I like to maintain the dream of owning either.

Both the Whammerdyne amps and Songer speakers are built and designed to a degree where the term “craftsmanship” may be an understatement here. When I think of that word I think of someone creating a beautiful table, or finely stitching leather onto a handmade chair — building a known object at the highest level of technical ability, and clearly these are crafted at highest level. But they go beyond. Speakers and amps aren’t new, obviously, but each of these products are unique in their areas. The driver design and execution on the Songer speakers are art in motion and sound. The cabintery would be the finest furniture in most listening rooms. The Whammerdyne amps aren’t just your typical tube high quality amps. They are bespoke, unique designs that operate in complete silence but inject a dynamic, effortless sound. I found myself wanting to walk around and view the equipment almost as much as sitting and listening. If you value beauty as much as sound I hope you also get to experience Whammerdyne amps and Songer Audio speakers.”

The tracks I requested as I recall:

  1. My Skin by Natalie Merchant from the Ophelia album

  2. Feeling Good by Meklit Hadero from the album On a Day Like This

  3. Bahia by Anouar Brahem from the Blue Maqams album

  4. This Is What by Horse Feathers from the album House With No Home

” Hearing the combination of Songer Audio loudspeakers and Whammerdyne amplification was a transformative experience. When you hear a combination like this, it is hard to describe exactly what you are hearing, if only because it sounds so natural, so effortless, that the only way to describe it comes down to the typical audio cliches. I’ll try not to use any here, but merely say that the S2 open baffles, with Whammerdyne’s amplification, is my favorite. It has an effortless authority that presents music in a way that allows you to be in the recording space, providing detail that is not hyped or etched in any way, even with healthy volume levels and some borderline “hot”


The S1’s with the same amplification provided a slightly different presentation. One that puts the musicians more “in the room” than the S2. Bass has real punch and extension where a subwoofer is not needed. They present music from a more forward perspective. Listeners will prefer either the S1 or S2 based on this presentation, but you can know that you give up nothing in choosing one speaker over another.

It’s also worth noting Whammerdyne’s contribution to this sound as well. I never felt the amps were straining in any way, and the noise level was undetectable. I would consider this combination a true partnership, and I’m not sure I would look at any other amplification if I were considering Songer Audio loudspeakers. Indeed, if I had any speaker north of 92 db sensitivity, I would recommend an audition of any of the Whammerdyne amps.

And finally, a note about craftsmanship. When you are considering equipment of this caliber, know that what you get here are pieces of artwork created by artists. This is not some mega corporation with endless R&D budgets and massive manufacturing scale. You are buying objects that have been crafted by individuals who create every piece by hand, and put their own heart and soul into them, in the same way a painting, sculpture, or handmade piece of furniture is done. The only reason I wish they were some big corporation, is so that they could offer me financing, so I can take a pair of Whammerdyne amps and Songer Audio S2’s home.”



  1. Ayub Ogada- Album: En Mana Kuoyo- Song: Kothbiro

  2. Cochemea- Album: Vol.2 Baca Sewa- Song: Burning Plain

  3. Nenad Vasilic- Album: Bassroom- Song: Bass Drops

  4. Avi Kaplan- Album: Floating On A Dream- Song: He Don’t Love You Right

Thank you again gentlemen for your visit we are so pleased you enjoyed what you heard here.

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Thanks, Ken & Pat

Songer Audio