Insight when upgrading from DGA2 to DAA3

Happy Tunes, Here is feedback from a customer (now lifetime member of the Whamm family) who has upgraded in stages with his DGA2 to the DAA3 , his first upgrade was to replace the output iron with the special transformers we have made for us by Monolith Magnetics, he also has installed the front panel [...]

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A Very Excited Customer!

This is a first impressions listen to his recently installed DAA3 model Whammerdyne 2A3 amplifier. I think he is a bit impressed, Ya Think! "Hooooooooooooooooooly crap!!!!! The change was enormous! Talk about addiction potential upon first use! I saw your email and immediately went back upstairs and hooked things up. Was literally like someone snuck [...]

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Recent Axpona show and publication feedback

Excerpt and photo courtesy to Matej Isak's, Mono Stereo publication "After the traditional box speaker designs, I was surprised by the PureAudio (pureaudioproject.com), a speaker system configured to the buyer’s taste. The display version had two open baffle woofers and a horn tweeter, but you can have more or fewer woofers and different kinds of [...]

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Some well deserved Friday R & R

It's been a heck of a week and this head Whammer needs some R & R I have been working in the shop non stop since Monday. We are now undertaking five more DAA and DGA amp builds along with my regular chores around the lab and hundreds of emails to follow up on. I [...]

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Truth be Told, and it’s “Fantastic”

Some various emails over many months, this customer has the Ultimate “Truth” and has paired it with his Zu Audio “Definition” speakers. Hi Pat, The Whammerdyne is fantastic. I started out listening using the Chord DAC as a source but the need to spin vinyl has prompted me to retrieve the C20. As expected the [...]

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Damn Great (user) Feedback

Some nice words from a recent customer, The amplifier is our model DGA2, (Damn Great Amplifier) this is the two chassis version with the power base that "docks" to the Amplifier module. Thank you Alvaro for you kind words. "Hello Patrick, I am sending you this message to let you know how happy I am [...]

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