I’m now offering up my last two demo/prototype pre-production Whamms

First offer is the mono block DAM-2’s. You can look up all the details here on the website this one pair has the outboard RAM monolith transformer options. The pair is my first pre-production model used here at the shop for about a year.

They are in mint condition and operate perfectly and will come with NOS sets of matched tubes. The price is normally $ 9900.00 for this pair with the optional RAM’s one time price only on this pair is $ 8500.00 plus shipping and insurance

they are USA only voltage 120/60 Hz (no international voltage option on this pair)


Second offer is my original pre-production Monster DLM-4 amplifiers details on the web page. These have the outboard RAM transformer modules and are Amorphous core designs. The amp is in mint condition and will comes with matched quad of JJ-2A3 40’s new as well a

matched section NOS Amperex BB input tube. This unit has a retail value of $ 13,900  I have it one time priced at $ 10,000  plus shipping and insurance USA only  (no I will not change to international voltage)


(I will delete this post when sale completes next week on the last DLM-4 +RAM )


send me your questions but do so after you read the product pages and details.  Head Whammer