Our new Circuit Salad Hybrid first production run is complete (10) units in this production run (2) Sold a third pending. So if you are on the fence act now. We may not do another production run this year as parts availability has really become a logistics issue, it only takes one or two parts on long back-orders to stop a new run. We will be showing the CCH at this years Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle Washington end of July. We hopefully will have a few amps all boxed up for any local buyers who wish to take one home (cash N’ carry)

In addition at the show w will be having a special event each night called “Afterglow” hours,  we will demonstrate Ken’ Songer of Songer Audios new Field Coil 10″ Open Baffle speakers with some really cool  amps built by us (a all fully dc regulated and non cap dc coupled GM70 Triode monoblocks (35 watts each) and a Western Electric tube based, the famous 212E DC coupled Triode amp monoblocks


Lots of fun and some of the best sounds in the world on display for your ears to enjoy