We now have two domains for Whammerdyne. Whammerdyne.com and Whammerdyne.net (Why you wonder?) well its a long story but GoDaddy our domain name holder has been screwing up our accounts so bad I had fear they would blow up our .COM address like they did with my Classic Tube Audio .COM site, I changed it recently to a .net to with a different domain company.


Second is our promissed shipping of the all new Circuit Salad hybrids is on schedule our first unit ships out mid week, its in final burn in QC right now and then we will run all or specification tests for documenting the performance. A signed validated certificate comes with each amplifier.

(more units are under build too and should be completed in a few more days. Get your very own while we have them as it will be late fall before we make another run of ten, parts are getting really hard to source and the quality control on parts requires us to reject many.

We are sticklers for tight tolerance parts we demand a perfect match channel for channel


It’s the Whamm way

“Always True to the Music”