We had great success with our new Circuit Salad Hybrid after the last two audio debut shows: (Pacific Audio Fest and Capitol Audio Fest) YES, Stereophile loved our room at CAF! We have continued the introductory show pricing schedule till the end of the year. Yes, after January of the new year no extensions, no deals and a prices increases all loom Regular price is $ 5,000 (special is $ 4,000). We only have seven units left at this price. They are all ready to ship

Pacific Audio Fest “Oasis Award Winner” for best sound by Positive Feedback magazine 2022

By the way if you are local to the Portland, Oregon area or wish to travel a bit you can see, feel, touch and hear our Circuit Salad at Echo Audio, We are very honored to have Echo represent our Hybrid our (ONLY DEALER) we want it that way. https://echohifi.com/


Our special is $ 4,000 for the MKPH-60 Circuit Salad Hybrid you can read all the details/specifications on the website here

We will have a very special announcement coming in a few weeks regarding a new addition to our local listening showroom, stay tuned !!! Its a BIG ONE

2023 is shaping up to be a banner year for Whammerdyne and Songer Audio

Happy Holidays, Head Whammer