Thanks to Ken and Kimberly of Songer audio who made the trek to the Capitol Audio Fest. I was not able to attend due to other commitments. But in short, they did a fantastic job of making our room a standout. Songer presented his two speakers the S1 Box/Ported full range field coil 10-inch driver design as well the S2 an open baffle design also with the famous 10-inch full range field coil driver.

The show was very well attended and as I have gathered our room was a standout with what many felt was some of the best sound of the show. We paired our two Whammerdyne amplifiers in various showings with both speakers our baby Whammerdyne the DGA-1 Ultra was a real hit people were absolutely flabbergasted that a 4-watt 2A3 Triode DC coupled amp could play without strain at high volume levels and presented a stunningly rich, deep and full soundstage with presence galore.

I have attached a link here to comments made by a Stereophile reviewer that spent quite a spell of time in our room and on two occasions! He was under the spell!

Other reports are just coming in that we were one of the top presentations at the show such welcome news for sure. Always stay tuned Ken’s speakers and our three models of Whamm amplifiers are making big news in the audiophile world. (This is Whammerdyne’s 10th anniversary year in production)

Cheers again go to Ken and Kimberly for all the efforts in doing the show, next year you can count on me being there too! It is my sincere pleasure to work in concert with the Songer’s

Head Whammer

More to come as pictures and videos will be downloaded and other news

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