We are developing a new prototype project.. no code name yet. She is a hybrid of the “third kind”

Front end is proprietary as well as the really cool stealth output solid state section. Lots of regulated low noise power supplies (Duo Mono) and a real 60 watts a channel. The circuits have been proven and now we are milling out the chassis of the prototype(s). I’m betting on this to be a winner for you “power hungry” users that have less efficient speakers but this will retain the glorious harmonic spectrum of the famous 2A3 Whamm amps .. not 100% but at least close and will shame other solid state amps.Yes solid state of most of the designs today sound like soulless beasts. NOT THIS ONE

Stay tuned as we develop, price if produced by others could be a bit steep at over $ 6K estimated. Not for the budget audiophile No designs from us are ever done with using cheap parts or design practice sacrificing audio quality or reliability, NEVER (But in the end this design will not be for sale)

Its a project both myself and my good friend and engineer wish to prove out in theory and will have in our labs for enjoyment daily. Lastly we might consider sale of the design and prototype to an audio manufacturer or under a license to produce agreement with royalty’s

Enjoy “HW”