Just shipped out two model DGA-1’s in the last two weeks. One is in Bellingham Washington State, the other is on its way to Belgium , Europe. Head Whammer has been a busy fellow. I think it is time to get back onto the GM70 Triode project. The power transformers are due any day now. The Pacific Audio Fest we had planned on exhibiting at in late July has now been officially cancelled. We were going to debut Ken Songer’s new field coil open baffle design but that will be on hold for now. However we are planning a local event at Eurotubes/ (Decibel) a new restaurant/bar sometime mid year so by invitation many locals will be treated to the Whammer amps powering Songer Audios new OB speakers. I will post up when we are close to having the event for those of you that would like to attend it will be in Milwaukie Oregon, lots of great food and drinks will be on hand, the event most likely will be a Sunday all day and a Monday evening and the equipment will be on display and active for the rest of that week for drop ins.

We are not sure if we are going to do any audio shows this year too many people are still skeptical of attending and with all the costs and work it takes to exhibit at a show if attendance is poor its just not worth it to us. We have such a solid referral base our company’s are growing without expensive remote audio show events

Not much is new with the product line only some upgrades in certain components have been needed mostly do to supply availability and I will not compromise on sub parr components only the best in my Whammer’s is good enough.


Whammerdyne “Staying True to The Music”