we soon will have a new member of he Whammerdyne family (Welcome Min L) to the family (Its now shipped and on its way)

Update # 2 Good old Head Whammer is taking the month of December off. I will however be answering any questions about Whamm products and taking any orders. Shipping of units will begin again in January 2022 everyone have a happy and safe holiday


I have been so busy at the shop, I have not kept up with my Whammer blog posts. The new hybrid project is well underway we should begin the assembly of the first run of ten amplifiers later this month and have them ready for delivery mid January 2022. We can now take deposits. If interested in more details email me.

I will be taking the month of December off this year to focus on personal projects and family activities. If you have interest in any of the Whammer products I will answer questions and take any orders but delivery will be end of January at best. I do have one model DAA-3 with the undated auto-former volume controls and the Monolith output iron. Its available and in mint condition (full new warranty and fresh tubes) $ 5,000 and I will provide shipping in the continental USA. (now edited, shipping is now additional as well as packing and insurance. I will hold the price at $ 5,000 but it must be purchased in November or December 2021, as of January 2022 I will return it to $ 5995.00 and place on Audio Mart for sale. A deposit via wire transfer will secure the unit. I’m taking the month of December off so act now as shipping will be only after the first of the new year.

I will be pairing down the Whamm offerings next year to three of the most popular models and as well adding the new hybrid to the line up. Our speaker project is progressing this is an open baffle design with a 10 inch filed coil full range driver and a 15 inch woofer. The speaker is offered by Ken of Songer audio. See details on Ken’s website www.songeraudio.com the speaker will include a pair of our unique filed coil power supplies built exclusively for Ken’s drivers. Ken has two models of speakers now the S1 a ported box design and the S2 open baffle design. Pricing is around $ 24,000 a pair.

More details to follow soon on his open baffle as we are doing final voicing right now. Its a winner for sure !

That’s it for now from Head Whammer. Everyone have a wonderful holiday season


Please respect my hours I operate M-F 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Fridays I close up shop at 3:30 PM (Hey I have to have a life right)


serious inquiries only (NO TIRE KICKERS!) a deposit is required to secure this unit


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