Closer to our release of the worlds best DC coupled Hybrid amplifier. She will be both a beauty to behold and performance wise off the charts. Best of both worlds, Tubes and solid state. But not solid state in the usual pedestrian sense. Teaser specifications that will be published with the new web page build right here on the Whammerdyne web site. Power 60 watts a channel into 8 Ohms, bandwidth 12 Hz to 400 KHz. Fully DC coupled with a propriety topology that includes our unique out of the audio signal path DC offset circuit. This circuit allows for nearly zero DC offset at the output terminals. In addition our Hum and Noise is a low 80 uV (Micro volts) its internally a fully duo mono design both in transformers and power supplies. We have been doing final beta testing and now that is complete its as rugged and bullet proof as one can get, you cant’ even hurt it by pulling a tube or any type of tube failure, you cant hurt it shorting the output terminals. It has a protection circuit that will both mute it and as well it has peak output clip indicators led’s. But you can be assured driving it at full clipping you will not have any nasties that can ever damage your speakers. We have thought of everything. Retail price will be $ 5,000 not bad for the best hybrid on planet earth (Oh yes two selectable inputs and a volume control) you don’t need a pre-amp.


Why a Hybrid, many had asked if they own less efficient speakers could an option be developed for them, here it is. Sonically it retains much of the beautiful spectral harmonic balance as our 2A3 tube Whamerdyne’s, but with low output impedance and a dual symmetrical/complimentary Mosfet based outputs directly tube driven (no caps in the signal path) we end up with a best of both worlds approach. This at a price that’s unbeatable in the market today.

projected time of release for taking advance deposits 60 days (November 2021)




The “Relentless Pursuit of Audio Perfection”