Our newest member of the Whamm family sent this nice reply after receiving his model DAA-3 amplifier

Hi Pat,

“Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family!

I luckily received it last week and was able to have a few short listening sessions in between all of the family activities and just wanted to let you know how wonderful the amp sounds!  I’m sure you must get this from all of your customers but just wanted to express how happy I am with how the amp sounds.  Everything fits so well together –  from the staging to the vocals to instruments, etc.  Very transparent and resolving…all the music elements seem to be in their proper place and this is all just from my old speakers (vintage Alon Lotus).  I have another 2a3 tube amp that I primarily use for headphones and there is a night/day difference in how they perform so kudos to you Pat on all of your hard work!”

Thanks Min! you ended my year with such a positive reply.

HW~(Head Whammer)


PS: To all you that have been on the fence in considering one of our amplifiers. Min’s purchase was through a referral, Min had never listened to our products before making a good faith purchase.

A big thanks to Clayton of Spacial Audio Labs (Speakers) for the referral.  Clayton manufactures some excellent top of the line open baffle speakers. https://www.spatialaudiolab.com/