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Wow ….Songer Audio and Whammerdyne win !

Its with great pleasure and excitement by us to receive an award from Enjoy The Music publication for  one of the best and top sounding rooms at the recent Capitol Audio Fest   "It is my pleasure to include your room among the Best Rooms Award at Capital Audiofest, 2022. I'm so glad I was [...]

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Happy New Year!

It was a great 2022, but we look ahead to 2023 our product line is strong with 3 models now offered many with additional performance options. With over 10 years now in production Whammerdyne has gained a world wide solid reputation. Many accolades from Audio Show events as well many esteemed magazine reviews published. Even [...]

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More awesome accolades

Just received this from "Enjoy the Music" Thanks for the kind words about our room at the recent Capitol Audio Fest http://enjoythemusic.com/Capital_Audiofest_2022/Becker/5th_Floor_B/page3.htm Our motto: "The Relentless Pursuit of Audio Perfection"

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Get a bigger stocking!

We had great success with our new Circuit Salad Hybrid after the last two audio debut shows: (Pacific Audio Fest and Capitol Audio Fest) YES, Stereophile loved our room at CAF! We have continued the introductory show pricing schedule till the end of the year. Yes, after January of the new year no extensions, no [...]

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It was a really big show!

Thanks to Ken and Kimberly of Songer audio who made the trek to the Capitol Audio Fest. I was not able to attend due to other commitments. But in short, they did a fantastic job of making our room a standout. Songer presented his two speakers the S1 Box/Ported full range field coil 10-inch driver [...]

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Wow lots of news ! and a deal

Please visit us at the Capitol Audio Fest Rockville Maryland.. The show goes from November 11th through the 13th. We will be in room 538 and on display for your listening enjoyment will be the incredible field coil speakers by Ken Songer of Songer Audio and paired throughout the event we will have our new [...]

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Exciting News! Really Exciting !

This Friday we received some very welcome and exciting news. Positive Feedback Magazine presented us with a nice award. The editor himself, Dr. David Robinson (Editor N' Chief) notified us we have been recognized as his favorite room at the recent Pacific Audio Fest audio show in Seattle Washington. I have linked the page(s) for [...]

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A sizzling summer deal

I'm selling the DAM-2 mono blocks that I had showed during the recent Pacific Audio Fest, our only unfortunate issue was in one mono block the power transformer developed and issue so I could not run it the last two days of the show. However on the first day they ran great and were so [...]

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A Happy Ending!

Well the show is over (Pacific Audio Fest) in Seattle. I'm finally settled back in and unpacked and have the listening room up an running again. The show itself was great , visitor traffic was excellent and many of the rooms sounded very good. Our room was very well received many giving us kudos for [...]

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