Whammer again “Nails It”

This is us! a few of us (4) Whammer dudes over at our good audio friends place for a fun listening session with his amps and system and our Whammer amps. "Ron" was our host he is well known in the audio world you might know the name "Marigo Audio Labs" Ron is one smart [...]

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It’s been a while!!

I have not posted up in a while so I thought a quick update was in order. Its a busy time here at Whamm World. Lots of build projects in the works. We are also beginning preparations for our annual trip to the CAS Audio show in July. We will debut two of our new [...]

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They just keep coming (DGA2+RAM and DLM4+RAM)

We are proud to now be taking orders for the new for 2019 Whammerdyne DGA-2 + RAM Damn Great Amplifier + Remote Advanced Magnetics. See more about this new Whammer under our product listings. She sports "Twins" well twin remote transformers that are custom designed and manufactured for us by Monolith Magnetics the finest transformers [...]

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More Whammer’s shipped!

The new for 2019 DGA-1 and DGA-2 + RAM are now shipping. We have two DGA-1's that just were delivered to customers and an in final build a DGA-2 + RAM that will ship end of the month. Thank you to our three new members of the Whammerdyne family. The sad news is I may [...]

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Its’ REAL… taking orders

The fully revised DGA-1 (Damn Good Amplifier) is now shipping. I will post more "Glamour" photos soon as well as update the product web-page as to photos and specifications. This is a re-design (simplified) circuit topology but still maintains the famous Whamm sonics. It is fully DC coupled and no capacitors between in the signal [...]

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From another satisfied Whammer customer

I don't need to add any comments here except one Thank you Steve! (This is the DAA3+RAM model) Pat, "I rarely buy audio equipment unless it is connected to my audio business (Ambience Audio), but after hearing one of your amps at an audio show and another in a customers home, I was intrigued enough [...]

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No Way?, Yes we blew it up!

The Whamm logo that is. Many people at our audio show events asked if we could make the logo bigger as they said "It's so cool" so here you see some recent plates (This is machined/engraved and ink infilled) made for a few models that will be introduced soon. Also some random photos of activity's [...]

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