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Two “Big Deals!” (Pending sale on DLM-4 + RAM) (Don’t snooze if you are interested in the DAM-2 Mono’s with mini RAM’s)

I'm now offering up my last two demo/prototype pre-production Whamms First offer is the mono block DAM-2's. You can look up all the details here on the website this one pair has the outboard RAM monolith transformer options. The pair is my first pre-production model used here at the shop for about a year. They [...]

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Well its official

We now have two domains for Whammerdyne. Whammerdyne.com and Whammerdyne.net (Why you wonder?) well its a long story but GoDaddy our domain name holder has been screwing up our accounts so bad I had fear they would blow up our .COM address like they did with my Classic Tube Audio .COM site, I changed it [...]

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10 Years! (And what a great ride)

We are celebrating our 10th year! Its been such a rewarding and enjoyable journey. I'm saddened that one of the founding members of Whammerdyne has passed away (About a year and a half ago) and is celebrating with us from up above. I'm sure Paul would be pleased to see how far we have come. [...]

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I’m getting old call me Grumpy Head Whammer

I have been working on updating the website today to delete some models and add in the new "Circuit Salad" Hybrid..I'm finding out how one just cant be good at everything anymore. From working on developing new products, to designs, to all the little things dealing with parts, to boards, to machining, now photography, copyrighting, [...]

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One can have this and only one ! (SOLD)

(This great deal is now SOLD)   An incredible deal from Whammerdyne. I have one only (1) of my original pre-production Whammerdyne model DGA-1. This unit is 100% in perfect operating condition. Over the years I have sent it out for loan/demo purposes to many as well I have used it at several audio shows [...]

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