Mo’ Money

News and Prices. Sadly I just received notifications from several of my suppliers that prices have increased, shipping has jumped to. The fortunate side is I have a good inventory that will allow me to fill several more builds over the next month or so. But here it comes as prices increase again. I keep [...]

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2019 (CAS) California Audio Show in the books

I will gather my thoughts and photo files up soon and offer up a more detailed report. In short we NAILED IT. Credits to Audio Beatnik publications for such nice comments about or "humble" room Best show yet, a blast. Scroll down to the bottom of the link page to see our room and [...]

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A Face Lift?.. What!

I have been thinking of ways to differentiate between two of our models the DAA3 and the DAA3+RAM.. as you know the DAA3 has the internal audio output transformers, while the DAA3+RAM (Remote Advanced Magnetics) has the external much larger "IRON" and is of lower noise floor and has an extended bandwidth. So I thought [...]

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Two!….. Whamm is a Winner

Two Whammerdyne DGA-1 amplifiers sold this week. Our  little "baby" is gaining popularity fast. Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio magazines publisher a few weeks back reviewed our DGA-1 and found it to be one of the most wonderful SET amps he had ever heard in all his years in audio. Well you can guess what that [...]

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I think our new Whammer owner (DAA3 model) likes his amplifier. In his own words.... Hi Pat, "I have put in around four days of listening to your amp in my stereo system and I have to say this thing is the biggest upgrade I have ever made. I try to keep my expectations modest [...]

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Whammer World delivers another DAA3

On the way to it's new home! A proud new owner and new member to the Whammerdyne Family. Thank you Tim! Pictured taking delivery of his DAA3 model today, yes its un-boxed he is just a short drive from me to his place (30) minutes. So transport is easy. Tim will be pairing it with [...]

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Whammer again “Nails It”

This is us! a few of us (4) Whammer dudes over at our good audio friends place for a fun listening session with his amps and system and our Whammer amps. "Ron" was our host he is well known in the audio world you might know the name "Marigo Audio Labs" Ron is one smart [...]

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