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Happenings at WoW (World of Whammerdyne)

Thought I would post up about our nearly completed lab and shop expansion. We now have three dedicated benches and assembly areas for Whamm amplifiers. I also have expanded our depth of stock parts and build materials. I'm still limiting my customer builds to two amplifiers a month (except custom builds) they are taking about [...]

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“A Monster Build”

WoW (World of Whamm) Welcome our newest family member. Thank you Mark W of Michigan for your order of the "Flagship" DLM4+RAM (Damn Little Monster) plus Remote Advanced Magnetics. I'm so happy and honored you chose Whammedyne over all others. Soon you will be enjoying the best 2A3 SE amplifier on planet earth We will [...]

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This N’ That

Thought I would just ramble a bit. We have the two recent sales of Whamm amps bringing our total Whamm family to 28 users. This last yer we did see very nice growth and this year is doing well even with the Covid-19 lock down. The lab/shop expansion is just about complete and will now [...]

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Busy, Busy, Busy at “WoW”

When it rains it pours. We have another Whammer amp sale this week a model DGA-2 + RAM. Welcome to the Whamm family Ken H of Overland Park, Kansas. Ken will be pairing his amplifier to his very own home brew open baffle speakers. I spoke with Ken at length about his thoughts on the [...]

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WoW “World of Whammerdyne” family grows

Please welcome our newest member of the Whammerdyne family, Richard in Arizona. Richard will be receiving his new model DAA3+RAM soon. This makes the Whamm family 27 owners strong! Thank you Richard. I will be sure to post his feedback once he has a chance to settle in with his amplifier   "Always True to [...]

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Getting Close! (on several fronts)

The new shop and lab expansion is moving right along. We should have the flooring in by end of the month of April. Then its making ready for the new milling machine and some other fabrication equipment to install. I will post photos of the work soon. I'm also launching a sale on some of [...]

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WoW is Expanding

Yes, WoW (World of Whammerdyne) we are in the expansion build out of our shop/lab facility. I'm doubling our space this will allow me to have a full assembly area and burn in test room as a separate 'Clean" room from the main lab space. This expansion will enable us to have the space needed [...]

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It’s Prime Time

The all new for 2020 "DAM-2" is now ready. (Damn Awesome Mono) 9.4 watts per mono-block. More details to come, but you will be amazed at the price point for the pair at $ 7,000. See the beauty's pictured below. Secure yours with a 50 % deposit for late March delivery "Always True to the [...]

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It’s “Whammertime”

The two builds of the worlds first "DAM-2" model is moving right along. (Damn Awesome Mono's) twin 2A3's per-amp but both tubes in each amp are supplied by individual regulated power supplies (7 per mono block), bias per tube is individually adjustable so a perfect current match can be obtained and easily adjusted as tubes [...]

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