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It’s “Whammertime”

The two builds of the worlds first "DAM-2" model is moving right along. (Damn Awesome Mono's) twin 2A3's per-amp but both tubes in each amp are supplied by individual regulated power supplies (7 per mono block), bias per tube is individually adjustable so a perfect current match can be obtained and easily adjusted as tubes [...]

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Simply the “BEST”

"I’ve been an audiophile for 40 years and have been searching for equipment that combines transparency, expressiveness and great timing with tonal fullness; having recently acquired the Cube Nenuphars, I felt I had many elements in place except a pronounced glare (with my Pass SIT-3), so I took a chance on a remote purchase (I [...]

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A Deal for you!

I have coming back this week from an extended magazine review loan a model DAA3+RAM (Amorphous, level 2) It has some updated cosmetics that are not seen on the web page photos I will post photos when I get it unpacked and all set up as well as checked out. I will be installing new [...]

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“The Baby” EX VAL 2019

http://www.tonepublications.com/MAGPDF/TA_100.pdf The 100th Tone publication issue!, a big congrats to Jeff and the Tone minions! I know Jeff personally he is one amazing and hard working fellow. The 100th issue if you can only imagine how much work it is to achieve this milestone. Jeff was kind enough to include Whamm in this issue I [...]

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International Bound

We have a custom build Whammerdyne Truth 2A3 SE amplifier bound for Singapore. This unit is custom fitted with top of the line WBT "Next Gen" input connectors as well as speaker terminals, the front panel volume controls have been removed and this is now the inputs to the amplifier. The mains power transformer has [...]

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Tardy posts better than no posts !

It's been so busy here at Whamm Labs that I finally got around to posting up. Pictured is a DGA-1 that is running on our new ac power voltage and frequency converter. This allows me to fully test burn in under the actual international country's voltages and frequencies. Note this Whamm DGA-1 under full operational [...]

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