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Nothing compares, nothing -The worlds best SE 35 watt class A amplifier-

It’s so close! The worlds best by a wide margin ultimate Whammerdyne amplifier “Relentless” This started life as an extension of pushing the design limits of what Whammerdyne pure DC coupled amplifiers topology is based on. The huge challenge was developing a pure Triode single ended amplifier with all power supplies fully regulated including the [...]

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Accolades from Belgium

One of our newest members of the Whamm family, sent me this wonderful testimonial. She has our model DGA-1   "When our Whammy arrived I didn’t know what to expect just yet. I had bought the tube amplifier without actually hearing it perform “live”. Months of research preceded my search for the ultimate tube amplifier [...]

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I think he liked it !

I noted this post recently on one of the DIY audio forums:  Thank you Jwag818 for the kind comments (Quote) " I recently moved to Wilsonville Oregon and happen to live nearby this gentleman that designed and builds "Whammerdyne" amplifiers. Best sounding 2A3 Single Ended Tube Amplifier | Class A Made in USA I emailed [...]

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X Tend “Not for the ear deaf”

We are developing a new prototype project.. no code name yet. She is a hybrid of the "third kind" Front end is proprietary as well as the really cool stealth output solid state section. Lots of regulated low noise power supplies (Duo Mono) and a real 60 watts a channel. The circuits have been proven [...]

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Every amp 100%

Yours truly (Head Whammer) hand builds every amplifier. Every component is hand selected and checked for tolerance, here just a few photos of random assembly and builds of the model DGA-1. The lab bench gets a bit messy but you can be assured the final product is as perfect as humanly possible. Behind the scenes [...]

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It’s “WoW”

Just received this email from a member of the Whamm family:     Pat, "Enough break-in time has past for the Whammerdyne SE2A3 amplifier to give you my impression.  There is more micro information audible and it is easy to distinguish voices.  The pace of the music is quicker and more lively.  You can listen [...]

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