One of our newest members of the Whamm family, sent me this wonderful testimonial. She has our model DGA-1


“When our Whammy arrived I didn’t know what to expect just yet. I had bought the tube amplifier without actually hearing it perform “live”. Months of research preceded my search for the ultimate tube amplifier and I had serious doubts of ever finding one without spending a small fortune. Many tube amps had passed the scene in all the years I had been an (female) audiophile. My purchase was made on e-mail traffic I had with Whammerdyne’s Head Whammer, Mr. Pat Hickman, and on videos I found on the Internet. I knew then that the Whammy was a special “beast”. Coming from a family where music was a very important part of daily life I probably was predestined to become an audiophile. As soon as the amplifier was fired up, I had it play some music at moderate levels for the next few days before sitting down and doing some serious listening. Pat Hickman had successful results with the Emission Labs 2A3 tubes so I bought the special mesh-plate version. They really sound as awesome as they look. My expectations were pretty high, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience. Were my ears deceiving me? Nope. In my search for the perfect tube amp, I was convinced I had finally found the “Holy Grail” of integrated amplifiers. And this is just the baby amp from Whammerdyne! The 2A3s are amazing performers and in the Whammerdyne DGA1 they do shine. Instruments sound so very live-like it’s uncanny. The Whammy outperforms every amp I have ever owned and it’s as if I am listening to my favourite music for the first time. What an amazing performance! My 14 year old audio-feline who was exposed to a plethora of music genres when she was merely 8 weeks of age and has been my faithful listening companion, confirms this. She cringes when highs are too harsh for her sensitive ears. Now she sits comfortably next to the Whammy, her head slightly sidewards tilted, reminiscent of “Nipper”, impressed by the notes flowing from the speakers. I know she’s as excited as I am. They say great performances deserve an encore but that’s incorrect. Great performances deserve a Whammerdyne 2A3 amplifier! Hats off to Pat “Head Whammer” Hickman! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some listening to do…”


A heartfelt thank you Carine of Belgium from Head Whammer