I noted this post recently on one of the DIY audio forums:  Thank you Jwag818 for the kind comments

I recently moved to Wilsonville Oregon and happen to live nearby this gentleman that designed and builds “Whammerdyne” amplifiers.

Best sounding 2A3 Single Ended Tube Amplifier | Class A Made in USA

I emailed him and set up an appt to go and listen to his system and see his setup. He designed everything in these amplifiers. He has the transformers built to spec. And everything else I believe. He offers several models of them at differing price points. All 2A3 amps. Go check out his sight. He can explain it all way better than I can.
I have been in the hobby most of my adult life. I have a fairly good ear and am able to hear very subtle differences in systems. Now granted his entire system is amazing but those amplifiers give you goosebumps from the first track. I could go on and on about the soundstage, the incredible effortless dynamics and rich tonal texture but I could not do come close to doing it justice. If you live anywhere near Portland Oregon you owe it to yourself to get a hold of him and go have a listen. I do not know him above that one meeting and buying some other equipment from him. And I get nothing for referrals or anything like that. I just wanted to share that what he has is something special and owns the best sounding system I have ever listened to. I am coming into some money here this summer from a long court thingy and I am getting myself one of his amps.

Seriously, go listen to it.. Its better than I am making it out to be.”

Jwags818 – Wilsonville, Oregon
D50s – 300B/D3A SET – 2 Way Transmission Line Speakers
Whammerdyne “Always True to the Music”