We have been working on the “bucket list” project for quite some time. It’s a 60 watt per channel hybrid. This is not some run of the mill tube/solid state hybrid, but is totally unique in its topology. Duo power supplies. fully dc coupled (no coupling capacitors in the signal-path!) How did we pull that off as no one else on the planet has done this. We are not telling its a very unique no other circuit like it, it also uses a special comparative circuit to eliminate any dc offset in the output this circuit does not effect the audio signal in any way. The bandwidth of this amplifier is extraordinary at 1. 2 Hz to 400 Khz any phase shift is a thing of the past, impulse (transient speed is incredible) hum and noise is a low 115 dB down wide band. Its has an insane spectrum with the 2nd harmonic down 85 dB all others are below the spectrum analyzers range of 100+ dB


Its now a completed in its near final form and we are doing all the listening evaluations (Its insanely good) reliability testing so far 100% no issues. Stay tuned for more about this project

Will we offer it for sale?, well we are not sure it will be a costly build at $ 5,000 (retail sales price point) but we may take on builds by special order and commission. We also for you audio manufactures in the USA only license it for your build or sell the technology and have a royalty based contract.

Cheers, Head Whammer