Every amp 100%

Yours truly (Head Whammer) hand builds every amplifier. Every component is hand selected and checked for tolerance, here just a few photos of random assembly and builds of the model DGA-1. The lab bench gets a bit messy but you can be assured the final product is as perfect as humanly possible. Behind the scenes [...]

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It’s “WoW”

Just received this email from a member of the Whamm family:     Pat, "Enough break-in time has past for the Whammerdyne SE2A3 amplifier to give you my impression.  There is more micro information audible and it is easy to distinguish voices.  The pace of the music is quicker and more lively.  You can listen [...]

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Head Whammer Goes “Stealth”

I had posted up a bit about my end of year taking of time off, well its official. I'm now taking from December through end of January 2021 as a time to catch up with many family activities as well as several home improvement projects and some work on my "Stealth" GM70 amplifier project. I [...]

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It’s Official

The last Truth model to ever be built will be delivered tomorrow. Its a sad and happy time for head hammer. But its going to a great home and being paired with Avantgarde horn speakers (106 dB efficient) The Truth model has now ended its 10 year run and is a legacy product. It has [...]

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A Time to rest

If you are on the fence about ordering your new Whamm amplifier get your orders going soon I will be taking the month of December off (My family and vacation time) I will be back at builds in January but will be limiting production and only build two models a month. That's about right for [...]

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“A Happy Ending”

Its final !.... The last Truth flagship amplifier build is now underway. Please welcome David V to the Whamm family. He will have one amazing incredible amplifier coming in the next few months. I will post build and progress photos as I go. Welcome David to the family of the finest 2A3 SET amplifiers on [...]

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Fun with “Firebottles”

Progress! The "Stealth" SE amplifier project design is moving right along. This is over at my friends lab yesterday. We were proving out the output stage design and DC current feedback regulated filament supply for the GM70 tube. This is a very special design of supply it keeps constant current across the filament and is [...]

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