Taking flight! Whammer goes to Denver

All packed and now off to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (2018) RMAF. October 5th -7th.  Its a great show and this year is even bigger. I have heard 30% !. We will be showing in room 522 with the best dam speakers on the planet. Pure Audio Project. Our amp for this [...]

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Phone call feedback (Not appreciated)

Thought I would share a recent voice message I received. The rather disgruntled male voice was short and pointed he stated why don't you have the new information posted on your website about the recent release of the new model DAA3+RAM he said in no less words get your "D**M" website updated. Kind of telling [...]

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The Family grows by + 1 , CAS Show ready

We have a new member to the growing family of Whamm. Steven R just placed his order for the new DAA3+RAM model. Thank you Steve. You will be gobsmacked when you hear how she performs. Pictured here I have the show ready system we are exhibiting next week at CAS8 (California Audio Show) this will [...]

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Really Big Show +

It's going to be a "Really Big Show". CAS, California Audio Show July 27th-29th. The new Whammer family member (DAA3+ RAM) is all primped, polished and dialed in with her mate (Pure Audio Project) Trio 15 speakers with the Horn 1 option. Listening feedback from several people I have had over to the Audio Den [...]

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Size Matters!

Now this is an interesting pairing! Note the HUGE Tekton speakers and the “Little amp that could” and did tame these beasts. The comments here are posted verbatim from one of our Whammer family members and his DAA3 (Damn Awesome Amplifier) the Whamm held its own when compared to a pair of KT120 Rogue Audio [...]

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On the “Road Again Naturally”

"Show, Tell, Hear"  Head Whammer and roadie crew are packing to attend the CAS California Audio Show. July 27th -29th. We are busy at the lab preparing for the debut of a new addition to the Whammer Family. Our show introduction will include the new Whammerdyne DAA3+ with the first ever! in mankind showing of [...]

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